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About Us

The digital revolution has changed the way the world thinks and acts. We conceived and developed Colwort to bring together entrepreneurs and investors on a digitally-driven platform creating a new business eco-system. Our focus is to make complex fund raising procedures easier for entrepreneurs, identify best investment opportunities for investors and bring together best talents from across the country. We support businesses/companies/startups find right investors, validate their business model and connect them with top tier network of professionals. We are creating a future of new opportunities.

Colwort-Funding and Investment App

From the CEO’s Desk

Many carry a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building a company. But only a few succeed despite market having huge potential for growth and space to accommodate any number of entrepreneurs. The dreams get shattered due to shortage of fund or lack of an opportunity to pitch an idea before investors. Though there are many investors willing to support new ventures, they seldom meet an entrepreneur having a business project of their interest.
We’ve been in your shoes and we know how time-consuming, taxing and complex is fund raising for an entrepreneurial venture. Colwort is the product of our experience put together to help both investors and entrepreneurs.
Junaid Mohammed
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)